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  • Glossary of Domain Name Terms - Have questions regarding domain terms used? Check out our glossary ..

  • An Introduction to Domain Names - Domain names are unique identifiers used to help find websites on the Internet. In much the same way that your first and last names help to identify who you are to others, domain names enable you to...

  • Domain Name Buying Strategies - Here are some tips to help you shop around for the best deal for you prior to registering. You'll want to make the right choice the first time, as transferring your domain to a new registrar is rarely a pleasant experience.

  • Domain Name Back Ordering - What is domain name back ordering and do you need it? Find out what it is and how it can help you acquire valuable domain names.

  • The ABCs of Domain Name Appraisals - One business that has emerged out of the buying and selling of domain names is domain name appraising, which is the process of evaluating a domain name and determining its market value ..

  • Introduction to Domain Name Management - Although it may seem simple, the way in which you manage your domain name could mean the difference between your site being online or offline ..

  • What is ICANN and What Does it Do? - ICANN is a not for profit organization, and its main responsibilities surround IP address space allocation, domain name system management, root server system management functions and other related administrative functions ..

  • Maximizing Your Domain's Potential - Maximizing a domain name's value takes thought, creativity and effort - and it requires selecting a good name in the first place. Here are a few tips to maximizing your domain name's potential ..

  • Understanding Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs) - Although .com, .net and .org are typically the most widespread and talked-about domain name extensions, they are not the only fully-functional ones that are available for use. As more words and phrases in the English language becoming snapped up as .com, .net and .org domains, ccTLDs are becoming increasingly popular ..

  • Selling a Purchased Domain Name - Not every domain name purchased is put to use by the person or company that buys it. Sometimes they are purchased strictly for the purpose of resale; other times, their owner will sell them after finding they don’t have a use for them, or when a third party expresses interest in buying it ..

  • The Dangers of Trademarks - As Internet usage becomes more widespread, new precedents and laws are emerging to protect trademark holders, though it is still hotly disputed legal territory ..

  • Reselling Domain Names - If you already operate an Internet-based business, selling domain names is almost a must. Most Web design firms, hosting companies and programming houses offer domain names and domain name management as a value-added service to their offerings ..

  • How A Domain Name Works - Although the concept of a domain name may seem simple enough – using a sequence of letters and words to identify a Web address – there is a great deal more going on "behind the scenes" ..

  • Securing Your Site Through SSL - Once you have purchased a domain name and have set up your Web site with a hosting firm, you should consider securing your site – particularly if you intend to conduct e-commerce transactions ..

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