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Not too long ago cheap web hosting, wasn't really that cheap. The lowest prices were about $30-$50/month. There were no deals out there. Luckily the market has changed alot over the years. Budget Web Hosting is the most competitive sector in the web hosting market. The prices usually range from $3-$10 per month and attract many customers who are looking to find cheap web hosting solution for their personal or business web sites.

You may be asking yourself how such low prices are possible. Budget hosts can offer such low prices because they take a bulk approach towards hosting. Therefore it is not uncommon to find hundreds of web sites located on a single server. This is not a problem as long as the server is not overloaded.

When considering purchasing budget web hosting, consumers must be aware that the options they will receive will be rather limited; but often will be sufficient for standard web sites. A standard budget hosting plan for example would include support for: PHP, CGI, mySQL, Perl but not ASP, ASP .NET, MS SQL or Cold Fusion.

Technical support will also be more limited. Less support staff will be available due to smaller profit margins. Rather than having a customer's question answered in 1 hour, it will typically take about 24 hours.

HostLead's advise is not to purchase any unlimited bandwidth or unlimited web space hosting plans. Unlimited bandwidth or space does not exist. Both are limited resources. All these unlimited deals result in overloaded servers, which is exactly where you do not want your web site to be hosted on. A slow loading or not responding web site is something nobody wants. Save yourself some time by avoiding these web hosting companies.

HostLead is against unlimited bandwidth!

Budget web hosting should never be considered for mission critical e-commerce, or even for an internet presence for small or mid-sized businesses. The best use of budget hosting services is for personal web sites.

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