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What is is email hosting?

Email Hosting is a very basic kind of hosting. Just like the name implies, this service will allow you to have your emails (and the attached files) hosted on a web server. This means that you can access your mailbox from any place on the world that is equipped with a simple internet connection. From a different view; it is like a standard web hosting account where only the e-mail feature is activated.

Paid email hosting advantages

Free email services offered by providers like Hotmail or Yahoo are rather limited. Did you know that every single message you send, is sent with an advertising message at the bottom of your message?
If you are using such a free e-mail service then you have probably noticed that the SPAM protection is almost useless and that servers are getting downright bombarded with SPAM. Getting ten to twenty unwanted messages per day on a hotmail or yahoo account is not uncommon.

Another disadvantage is the small storage space. With only 2MB of space per account you won't be able to receive any large attachments. A couple of higher quality pictures from a digital camera can easily take up the 2MB of space.
Upgrading to a "premium" mailbox with more space is possible, but why not get a more feature rich, personalized e-mail address like yourname@yourdomain.com?

Firstly it is important to say that paid email hosting does not cost much. We are talking of $1-$3 per month, which translates into a mere 5-10 cents per day.

Paid email hosting is ad free and comes with effective spam and up to date anti-virus protection. Users will also benefit of the larger mailbox space, giving them more room to store large emails. They will also be able to use email software like Outlook® Express, Microsoft® Outlook, Eudora, and Netscape Messenger

Remember that your e-mail address is yours to keep because it will work with any Internet Service Provider. That means, even if you switch to a different Internet Service Provider, you won't need to change your e-mail address.

Paid email hosting is ideal for people or businesses who only want email and don't plan on getting a web site but still want to be able to communicate on the internet using emails. For a business, free email solutions are not an option as they look unprofessional and will only hurt the business.

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