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  • e107 Web Hosting Guide - This hosting buying guide is for e107 webmasters. It lists hosts that can host support e107.

  • How Does a Web Server Work? - It's a good idea to know a little bit about the product or service you are searching for before you begin your quest.

  • Inside the Network Operations Center - NOCs are considered major junctions on the information highway, physically routing major amounts of Internet traffic for telecom and broadband providers.

  • Explaining Virtual Private Servers (VPS) - A virtual private server (VPS) solution utilizes a software platform that permits a hosting vendor to multiplex a single dedicated server into multiple "virtual" machines.

  • What is Dedicated Web Hosting? - Dedicated hosting permits individuals and business to lease pre-configured, state-of-the-art equipment and connectivity from a hosting service provider ..

  • How Do I Choose a Dedicated Web Host? - A good dedicated Web host should provide should provide custom made servers devised for your specific use. You should be able to choose ..

  • What is Managed Web Hosting? - Managed services are dedicated servers equipped with extended support in the form of proprietary control panel technology that enables the inexperienced administrator to easily setup and maintain sites on a server.

  • Introduction to Bandwidth - When choosing a host, the amount of bandwidth you choose to purchase can be crucial to the success of your site. Find out how to calculate your requirements and tips on protecting and saving bandwidth.

  • Shared and Static IP explained - A Static IP address is a must for every online businesses.

  • Verifying Web Hosting Uptime - Does your web host have a 99.9% uptime guarantee? Do they stand up to this guarantee or are they ignoring your e-mails when you ask them for a partial refund because of downtime? Why uptime monitoring of your web site is important. Read more in this article.

  • Colocation is for Experienced Webmasters - Server co-location is an excellent option for only the most experienced webmaster. The co-location option allows webmasters ...

  • When to Choose an Application Service Provider (ASP) - ASPs differ from conventional hosting firms since they specialize in electronic distribution of mission-critical business applications.

  • Integrating Databases Into Your Web Presence - Both ColdFusion and PHP however are excellent methods for integrating dynamic database content into your Web presence. Find out more about these methods and the hosting requirements of each.

  • About Carrier Technology - A chart outlining the various types of carrier technologies and what each is typically used for.

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