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To most webmasters moving to new web host is one of the biggest nightmares.
Moving an established web site often involves alot of work. All the pages, scripts and databases have to be transferred to the new host and set up in a short period of time to minimize unnecessary downtime. Unfortunately web site moving is often ignored and then done in the last moment resulting in unpleasant web hosting moving experiences.
These unpleasent experiences can be avoided by planning the web hosting move.

A good start is determining the bandwidth needs of your web site
and deciding if you need <link> windows or unix hosting<link>. Once that is done
it is recommended finding a web host that offers a suitable hosting plan with a
static IP.

When your new hosting solution is activated, upload your web pages, all your
databases and scripts to the new host. You will be assigned an IP address from
the new hosting company. Take the time to debug and test the new site on the IP
address. You will find that you may need a couple of days.

After entirely debugging your web site and verifying that all site functionality is operative, you can point your web site to the new DNS (Domain Name System). This is not yet the right time to cancel your old hosting account, unless your old hosting company requires you to cancel in advance.

In the next couple of days your DNS will change. This period is known as the propagation period. Your Web site will resolve by both your new and old host, as new DNS information about your Web site filters through the world wide web. It is important that you check your mailbox for new messages on the new and on the old server.

Once the domain name servers resolved you can cancel your old hosting account.
Voila, you are done! Who said web site moving was difficult?

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