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Aplus.Net Is Put to the Test with Firestorm 2003 and Passes with Flying Colors [6th November 2003]

Aplus.Net Goes the Extra Mile to Maintain A+ Customer Service and Helps Support the San Diego Food Bank with Their Local Relief Efforts

San Diego, California –November 6, 2003- Aplus.Net, a leading Internet presence provider to small and medium-sized businesses, reported today that Firestorm 2003 had no negative impact on its business operations.

The firestorm did have a profound impact on San Diego and many local businesses closed down for one or more days. Aplus.Net made the choice to stay open because of the hundreds of thousands of businesses nationwide depending on them to answer the phones and keep the servers running.

Aplus.Net employees were not required to report to work, but they rallied and made their way in through the thick, choking smoke. Employees placed the needs of the Aplus.Net customers above their own concerns about personal property and the inconvenience of trying to get to work in the midst of the raging wildfires.

“I didn’t know what was going to happen to my house, but I came in because our customers rely on us,” said Theo Ivanov, marketing director for Aplus.Net. “My co-workers and I worked hard to operate as if it was business as usual at Aplus.Net.”

Steve Jasiak and Justin Parott, customer service and support specialists for Aplus.Net both endured mandatory evacuations and still made it into work. Steve actually watched the flames come within 100 feet of his home before the fire was brought under control.

The firestorm also came very close to Aplus.Net’s data center, but it never threatened the company’s ability to serve its customers. Aplus.Net makes daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly backups according to a pre-determined schedule and stores the tapes off-site in a fireproof media safe.

Aplus.Net has another level of backup to the previous time to cover them in case there is a failure of the primary backup media and regular audits of the backup media are conducted. As a precautionary measure, Aplus.Net did dispatch a senior–level employee to the data center to create fresh backup media and place the tapes in a safe place.

“I’m very proud of the way our employees handled this situation our ability as a company to always put customers first,” said Ivan Vachovsky, chief executive officer of Aplus.Net. “This is the kind of company that I would give my own business to.”

Now that the immediate crisis of the firestorm is over Aplus.Net is doing its part to help with the recovery process. Aplus.Net is conducting a corporate food drive for the San Diego Food Bank and is inviting employees and other local business to donate non-perishable food items.

“The devastating wildfires had a profound impact on businesses and individuals in San Diego County,” said Ronan Winter, executive vice president for marketing and business development. “We believe that our support of the San Diego Food Bank is the best way to help the community at large.”

Aplus.Net’s corporate offices are located at 10350 Barnes Canyon Road, San Diego, California. The food drive container with a list of most needed items has been placed in the company’s front lobby.

About Aplus.Net (www.aplus.net)
Aplus.Net is a leading provider of Internet services to small and medium-sized businesses. The company’s headquarters are located in San Diego, CA with other offices in Anaheim, CA, Sacramento, CA, Atlanta, GA and Europe. Aplus.Net specializes in providing a complete Internet presence, including domain name registration, corporate identity on the Internet, matching e-mail addresses, website design, website hosting, e-commerce, credit card processing tools, and website maintenance. Aplus.Net is among the ten largest privately held web hosting and domain name registration companies in the USA and is a facilities based provider. The Company owns and operates its own data center and its own ICANN accredited domain names registrar (Names4Ever.com).

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