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Mailblocks Gives Consumers Better Email Storage At the Most Competitive Rates [17th November 2003]

Holiday Offering Furthers Mailblocks' Commitment to Provide Consumers the Best Possible Email Service

LOS ALTOS, CALIFORNIA—November 17, 2003—Just in time for the holidays and to further demonstrate its commitment to improving the consumer email experience, Mailblocks, Inc. today announced it is offering the largest storage allotments at the lowest prices available for Web-based consumer email in the United States.

Effective immediately, Mailblocks will increase its Standard Service from 12MB to 15MB (a 25% increase) of storage for the same low price of $9.95 per year. Additionally, Mailblocks will double the storage allotment available in its Expanded Service from 50MB to 100MB while holding its aggressive price of $24.95. Both services also will continue to offer attachment allowances of 6MB, enabling users to send and store large files. Current subscribers will automatically receive the free storage upgrade as a gift for the holidays. New subscribers can obtain the enhanced Mailblocks service at www.mailblocks.com.

Account Services


Cost / MB

Basic Storage Accounts



Mailblocks Standard Service

$9.95 /15MB

$0.66 / MB


$19.95 / 10MB

$2.00 / MB

Yahoo! Mail

$9.99 / 10MB

$1.00 / MB

Larger Storage Accounts



Mailblocks Extended Service

$24.95 / 100MB

$0.25 / MB


not available

not available

Yahoo! Mail

$29.99 / 50MB

$0.60 / MB

Yahoo! Mail Plus

$39.99 / 50MB

$0.80 / MB

Yahoo! Mail

$49.99 / 100MB

$0.50 / MB

Yahoo! Mail Plus

$59.99 / 100MB

$0.60 / MB

Source: SymphonyLab.com 11/12/03

“It's our holiday gift to Mailblocks customers,” said Mailblocks' CEO Phil Goldman. “Through our usability research, we have gained a key customer insight—consumers fear that important email messages will bounce because viruses and spam are filling up their storage allotments. We're negating this issue by increasing our storage offerings, at no additional cost to customers,” said Goldman. “With decreased prices in the storage sector, we've chosen to pass our cost-savings on to our consumers.”

“Every weekday, about 250 million people stare at their inbox trying to figure out if they know an 'Althea Marquez' or a 'Judson Schaffer'—or other fake names used by spammers,” notes Trendscape Trend Analyst Michael Tchong. "With Mailblocks, users can avoid this problem. Additional storage capacity means even heavy e-mail users can keep inboxes spam-free.”

No Lost Mail Guarantee
Today's announcement also reinforces Mailblocks' policy of 'No Lost Mail'. Underpinning this commitment is its patented Challenge/Response 2.0 technology, which completely eliminates spam from consumers' inboxes while allowing all legitimate email (no false positives) and no longer challenging senders on an ongoing basis. Also central to this strategy is Mailblocks' Trackers functionality, which provides a mechanism for consumers to receive legitimate commercial communications, such as newsletters and e-commerce responses that often get lost in filtering and other Challenge/Response systems. Through its Trackers feature, Mailblocks provides disposable aliases or extra email addresses, which can be set up and used for legitimate computer-generated, opt-in email (e.g., shopping, travel or auction sites). In conjunction with today's announcement, Mailblocks increased the number of Trackers available from five to 15 for its Standard Service and from five to 25 for its Expanded Service.

Powerful Consumer Email
Mailblocks provides a new class of email service, which enables a powerful combination of features and capabilities to help consumers manage, protect and consolidate their email.

Among the key features:

  • Email access from a super-fast, application-like Web interface or through desktop email applications.
  • 100% elimination of spam, with no false positives.
  • Consolidation and management of existing Yahoo! Mail, AOL, MSN, Hotmail and POP3 accounts into one universal inbox.
  • Custom domain addressing allows users to choose the return address from which they want to send their email.
  • Largest storage and attachment allotments at best pricing for consumers.
A number of its features and functionality set Mailblocks apart from the competition, particularly compared with other anti-spam solutions. Mailblocks offers a superior all-in-one Web-based email solution according to recent studies by the independent research firm The Tolly Group. (The full Tolly Group reports are available at http://about.mailblocks.com/mediakit.html.)

About Mailblocks
Mailblocks, Inc. is a new class of Web-based email service for consumers. Founded in July 2002 by Phil Goldman, a former Microsoft executive and a founder of WebTV, Mailblocks started with a simple idea: improve the consumer email experience—make it better, more manageable and—above all else—free from the aggravation of spam. Using state-of-the-art technology, an assemblage of talented, passionate and experienced individuals and a customer research driven development model, Mailblocks is dedicated to helping people restore and fulfill the true potential of email communication. To learn more about Mailblocks, visit our Web site at www.mailblocks.com or contact pr@mailblocks.com.


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