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Boardnation Launches New Advanced Forum Hosting Services [22nd November 2003]

Somerset, New Jersey, November 22, 2003 – Boardnation LLC (http://www.boardnation.com), one of the major players in the web forum hosting market, announced today the offering of a new set of forum hosting plans. These plans are aimed at Webmasters who require even more from their forum and a host that can understand their non-trivial needs. These plans are designed to give any Webmaster even more control than Boardnation’s staple Free or Flagship hosting plans.

While the new Advanced plans may be more expensive than many shared hosts, Boardnation truly understands what is required to make a successful forum from both a management and technical standpoint. These five new plans allow the Webmaster to choose between popular PHP and MySQL forum software in order to provide the highest degree of customization possible. Since the Advanced plans are designed to grow as you grow, Boarndation only measures and limits the amount of data transfer (bandwidth) that your forum uses per month. Caroline Acosta, one of Boardnation’s customers who helped develop the Advanced plans for her forum was quoted saying, “They not only have a variety of plans to pick from, but they are perfect as they grow with you.”

Boardnation was opened in July of 2002 with the goal of providing free forum hosting without plastering users with advertisements. Over the past 16 months Boardnation has grown and by listening to the suggestions of its customers, become one of the major contenders in the forum hosting market. While Boardnation continues to offer their premier Free plan, they have also expanded to offer paid Flagship hosting which increases the amount of space and the number of features that a forum can use. Last month, Boardnation introduced a new plan powered by Google’s AdSense program that allows Webmasters to remove the space limit on their Free forum by placing one banner ad instead. While a plan like this was what Boardnation tried to move away from in the beginning, the demand from their customers made it a reality. Currently the Advanced hosting plans are the newest addition to Boardnation’s profile.

Please visit http://www.boardnation.com/signup.php#advanced or contact sales@boardnation.com for more information about these offerings.




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