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OPENxb™ Now Available at Miva® Warehouse™ - New Database Plug-in Allows Miva Merchant™ Online Stores to use MySQL™ [24th November 2003]

ATLANTA, GA – November 24, 2003 – Copernicus Business Systems has teamed up with Miva Corporation to promote OPENxb – the MySQL database solution for Miva Merchant. Through the new Miva retail outlet, Miva Warehouse, OPENxb is now available to all end-users and hosting providers of Miva Merchant.

OPENxb allows Miva Merchant to use a MySQL database rather than the proprietary xbase database that comes built-in to Miva Merchant. A client-server database, MySQL allows the end user and hosting provider to save time, save money, and assures reliability with the store’s data. Storeowners can easily integrate their Miva Merchant data with other software and systems. And, as the store grows, a Miva Merchant store using OPENxb provides exceptionally fast searches – even when there are more than 100,000 products in the store.

During November 2003, OPENxb will be made available through Miva Warehouse for a discounted price of $599.95, which is $200 off SRP.

"We’re excited to have OPENxb in Miva Warehouse. We believe that a Miva Merchant store using OPENxb is the best offering on the market for SMBs who are looking for an off-the-shelf e-commerce software that gives them big-business capabilities," stated James Harrell, CEO of Copernicus Business Systems.

Joe Austin, Miva Corp CEO, said: "By offering OPENxb to Miva Merchant users and hosting providers, we expand the ways in which our customer base can use Miva Merchant."

Citymerch Corporation, an online retail shopping superstore at www.citymerch.com, is an excellent example of a website making full use of Miva Merchant and OPENxb. All of the custom built modules use MvSQL-QUERY almost exclusively, which allows for direct access to the OPENxb enabled database, as well as the various user interface components.

Core backend features on citymerch.com include complete integration of Miva Merchant and OPENxb with the citymerch on-site warehouse management system, automated fulfillment processes via .XML, automated confirmation of shipment with UPS tracking info, and custom built admin interfaces for their call-center agents and partner merchants.

Dirk DeSouza, CEO of citymerch, adds, "We are very happy with the enhanced scalability that OPENxb provides us, and the functionality it’s supporting now. Sebenza Studios has provided flawless integration of Miva Merchant / OPENxb to our backend fulfillment systems, which streamlines on-demand integration as our needs evolve. With the Miva Merchant and OPENxb approach, vs. building a customized solution from the ground up, we've saved thousands of dollars, reduced our time to market and discovered a wider array of support options."

About Copernicus Business Systems, LLC
Copernicus Business Systems, LLC is a privately held company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Copernicus develops software products for the small and medium sized business segment and strives to provide "big-business technology" to small and medium sized businesses while increasing their profitability and/or efficiency and effectiveness. For more information about Copernicus Business Systems, visit www.copernicusllc.com.

About Miva® Corp.
Founded in 1996, Miva Corporation provides a leading online platform for small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs). The Miva Platform consists of software, services, and a partner network assembled for the purpose of helping to create and enhance online business. Miva partners are at the forefront in servicing the increasing number of small to mid-size enterprises using the Internet to expand their market reach. Partners can easily and quickly integrate the Miva platform of applications and API's with their existing services to deliver complete online business solutions to SMEs. Miva is a leader in offering the ease of browser-based point and click online business creation, combined with deep customizability and integrated SME focused marketing services. For more information about Miva, call 1.858.490.2570 or visit www.miva.com.

About citymerch
Launched in October 2003 with the tagline "great gear* cool places* local flavor*", citymerch’s goal is to help destination cities, and the strongest hospitality brands – from area attractions to restaurants – in those cities, market to local consumers and tourists in innovative, new ways. Through a unique blend of advertising specialty merchandise that is inherently local, partnerships with well-known and highly branded Merchant businesses, and a robust suite of infrastructure services, citymerch offers a city-centric, collective retail shopping experience found nowhere else. Citymerch plans to develop and deploy 75-100 retail storefronts in each of the 40 top US tourist destination markets by 2006. For more information, contact CEO Dirk DeSouza at 305.788.5688, or Seth Gordon at Gordon Reyes Public Relations at 305.381.9946

For more information: http://www.miva.com


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Miva Corporation
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